Published: Fri, January 11, 2019
Health Care | By Cedric Leonard

Woman's rare condition means she can't hear men's voices

Woman's rare condition means she can't hear men's voices

The patient identified as Chen, from the city Xiamen, on the east coast of China, told the doctors that she woke up one day to find she was unable to hear her voices of men, including her boyfriend.

The Daily Mail reports that one night, Chen went to bed after feeling nauseated and experiencing ringing in her ears.

Doctor Lin believes fatigue and the added stress of long days may have contributed to the condition, which caused a loss of sensitivity to deeper sounds, and which only allowed her to hear sharper, higher-frequency sounds - such as the voices of women.

Ms Chen went straight to the hospital, where she was seen by a ear, nose, and throat specialist.

Luckily, Dr. Xiaoqing said Ms. Chen is expected to make a full recovery with some rest. "The graph starts in the lower-left-hand corner and slopes upward steeply", Audiology Hears writes. The term describes the shape of a hearing test audiogram of those who can't hear low frequencies.

One person's medical condition is every woman's dream.

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The good news is that when RSHL is detected quickly, chances are good that the hearing loss can be reversed, Kraskin said.

In North America, only about 3,000 people are diagnosed with this super-rare condition. The symptoms of RSHL include difficulty understanding speech on the phone, understanding the voises of women and children but not men, and inability to hear low-frequency environmental sounds. This can put sufferers in danger, as they may not hear noises like oncoming cars. This can be caused by general anesthetic, a perilymphatic fistula (an abnormal opening in the ear), and intracranial hypertension, caused by pressure in the central nervous system.

According to the World Health Organization, around 466 million people across the world are affected by some kind of hearing loss.

It has been linked to genetics and can be triggered by certain diseases (for example, Ménière's disease) and viral infections.

Reverse-slope hearing loss caused a Chinese woman to only hear female voices.

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