Published: Fri, January 11, 2019
Electronics | By Kelly Massey

AT&T Dragged By Rivals For Lying to Customers Over '5G' Service

AT&T Dragged By Rivals For Lying to Customers Over '5G' Service

Other carriers have, unsurprisingly, called foul over AT&T's misleading marketing (which may actually have to do with the fact that it had blindsided them). From the outside looking in, it appears AT&T is intentionally trying to deceive customers by playing loosey-goosey with the 5G nomenclature.

Donovan said the 5G E icon will be used in 400 markets across the U.S. where AT&T has deployed advanced LTE technologies.

"5G Evolution", or 5G E, is not true 5G. T-Mobile, for example, trolled AT&T with a video clip on Twitter that shows someone placing a "9G" sticker on their smartphone. In response to AT&T's antics, Verizon took out full-page ads in The Wall Street ...

T-Mobile's outperformance of even Verizon's surprisingly strong numbers is a signal that it's continuing to take the most market share among USA carriers.

Jaguar Land Rover facing "perfect storm"
This strategic review will create a leaner, more resilient organisation with a flatter management structure", the company added. They said in response: It is, of course, bad news that Jaguar Land Rover is being forced to make further job cuts.

Verizon further called on the entire wireless industry to "commit to labeling something 5G only if new device hardware is connecting to the network using new radio technology..." The new additions included 1 million phone customers, more than the 650,000 Verizon added in the quarter.

In that same blog post, Legere tried to get ahead of folks that would say T-Mobile did the same thing as AT&T when it branded its HSPA+ coverage as "4G" back in 2010. "The potential to over-hype and under-deliver on the 5G promise is a temptation that the wireless industry must resist", it said.

"We won't take an old phone and just change the software to turn the 4 in the status bar into a 5", Verizon added.

This week the carrier has used the backdrop of CES to tout new 5G milestones and then mercilessly mocked rival AT&T for confusing its customers with "fake 5G" icons on their phones. In light of this, real 5G can't arrive fast enough.

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