Published: Thu, January 10, 2019
Electronics | By Kelly Massey

IBM earns record patents in 2018, India second highest contributor

IBM earns record patents in 2018, India second highest contributor

"We'll see quantum computing's first impact in the areas of chemistry and science". At this lab, clients can use IBM's cloud-based quantum computing systems, as well as other high performance computing systems.

The quantum computing train keeps on rolling.

IBM says that the "world first" 20-qubit system is created to assist commercial and scientific organisations harness the power of quantum computing, highlighting examples such as financial data modelling or optimising global logistics operations.

IBM has presented a commercial 17-qubit processor prototype back in 2017, which was what paved the way to the Q System One we have on our hands as of today.

"The IBM Q System One is a major step forward in the commercialization of quantum computing".

The total, and IBM's ranking, comes courtesy of the research service IFI Claims, and among the more than 1,600 AI-related patents IBM secured during 2018 was one for Project Debater. "This new system is critical in expanding quantum computing beyond the walls of the research lab as we work to develop practical quantum applications for business and science".

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"These organizations will work directly with IBM scientists, engineers and consultants to explore quantum computing for specific industries".

Advances in quantum computing could provide ExxonMobil with an ability to address computationally challenging problems across a variety of applications, including the potential to optimize a country's power grid, and perform more predictive environmental modeling and highly accurate quantum chemistry calculations to enable discovery of new materials for more efficient carbon capture. Bob Sutor, the VP of IBM Q Strategy and Ecosystem.

Start saving up those pennies, and you too could one day have access to a quantum computer. The company now works with about 80 universities in the United States, Europe and Asia to explore next-generation energy technologies.

In terms of the IBM Q System One's appearance, the computer is defined by a stack of circuit boards and wires, encased in a metal cylinder that sits in a half-inch thick glass case.

IBM used the show to unveil what it is calling IBM Q System One, a "universal approximate quantum computing system designed for scientific and commercial use". These national government labs will be part of the broader IBM Q Network with access to IBM Q's commercial systems. Qubits in this configuration interact in counterintuitive ways that theoretically make it possible to process data much faster than traditional computers.

IBM has banked on quantum as one of its core future technologies, first opening up client access through the cloud past year.

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