Published: Wed, January 09, 2019
Life&Culture | By Sue Mclaughlin

Spider-Man on PS4 is getting something 'fantastic'

Spider-Man on PS4 is getting something 'fantastic'

Marvel has teased that something "fantastic" is heading to Insomniac Games' Spider-Man game on PlayStation 4.

This week, Marvel is celebrating the return of their first superhero family, the Fantastic Four, with a week's worth of live streams. "I can't tell you anything more right now, but you'll want to keep an eye out for this. Trust me, it's going to be awesome and fantastic". From Marvel's teaser Tweet, we know it's related to the Fantastic Four, but anything beyond that is anyone's guess. Just imagine Spider-Man being able to stretch his limbs with a special suit power or even seeing him blast off like the Human Torch? Fantastic Four and Spider-Man have crossed paths before, so there are a couple of costumes that could potentially be created for the PS4 exclusive, such as the Future Foundation suit.

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Marvel is now celebrating the Fantastic Four through an event called "Fantastic Four: World's Greatest Week" with news related to the powerful group of heroes coming all this week. The white-and-black Future Foundation get up Peter Parker received when he joined Reed Richard's titular foundation in the comics would make sense, and its distinct stealth powers would add to the wealth of gameplay options already on display.

The best bet is maybe a costume change or perhaps the addition of the Baxter Building to the NY skyline. The game consists of suits from all different kinds of Spider-Man universes, many of them inspired by other heroes.

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