Published: Wed, January 09, 2019
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Lindsay Lohan Says She Feels 'Comfortable' Enough To Step Back Into Spotlight!

Lindsay Lohan Says She Feels 'Comfortable' Enough To Step Back Into Spotlight!

"Jersey Shore" star Vinny Guadagnino claims fellow MTV star Lindsay Lohan blew him off at Monday's NY premiere party for her new reality show, "Lindsay Lohan's Beach Club".

But for now the actress hasn't retired her dancing feet (please reconsider, Lindsay) and she just re-created #DoTheLilo. "Like I've one minuted people before I know what "one min" means", he said, then going on to quip.

The cast of a MTV reality series that focuses on Lindsay Lohan's nightclub in Mykonos, Greece.

From 2007 to 2012, the actress was involved in a series of incidents with the law, ending up in and out of rehab and treatment programs for addiction.

Quoting LiLo's latest catchphrase, Vinny joked, "I didn't get the picture with her, so that's how you get denied for a picture by Lindsay Lohan in Mykonos, bitch!"

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"I tried to get a picture with Lindsay because I wanted to say, "That's how you get a picture with Lindsay Lohan in Mykonos, b-", the 31-year-old Jersey Shore star said in a post. I've said it so many times, and so many people have asked me, and I think we'd have so much fun doing it". "I want people to see the positive side of it instead of finding the negative".

The news is Lohan and Bennett are actually working together again. "So that I will be in", Lohan confirmed.

"I don't know, it's not a question for me", she said.

"Lindsay Lohan's Beach Club." premieres January 8 at 8 p.m. ET on MTV.

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