Published: Wed, January 09, 2019
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Kevin Hart Apologizes for His Past Anti-LGBTQ Comments

Kevin Hart Apologizes for His Past Anti-LGBTQ Comments

The Academy still doesn't have a host for the 2019 Oscars ceremony (airing on February 24) after Kevin Hart backed out following backlash over his past homophobic tweets. He did say, 'I'm sorry, I apologize.

"It gets no more energy from me", Hart said.

The 39-year-old comedian's past homophobic jokes and tweets were drawn back into the spotlight last month after he was named this year's Oscars emcee.

"There's no more conversation about it ..."

'I'm done with it, I am over it'.

'I have explained how I evolved. I'm not saying what I've done and what the new me is.

During his hit on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Hart notably did not apologize and drew ire from many who noted that he was playing the victim card. If you don't see that, it's a problem with you. "I've said who I am now versus who I was then". "It's all they ever wanted him to do, and he's doing it in spades". I want you to be happy, be gay, be happy.

'I am not over-delivering it, I am not overproving it because you find yourself in a position where it still won't be received and you go, "What else do you want?" "I want everybody to know that I'm done with it". Whether I like it or not, whether you like it or not, that is his right. You're talking about two weeks that I would have to prepare, ' he said. I would want to make sure the production is a great representation of me and my talent. I'm over the moment.

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"You may not like the way he said it, but he said it".

On Tuesday, Hart said the chances of him taking the gig were "very slim" as he was confronted by photographers while promoting his new film, The Upside, but teased that an announcement may be imminent. So hold to account, call them out, but you don't want to bully people. He said he could not rule out hosting in future years. "We don't post this s**t on social media'".

Within days, Twitter users had unearthed his old tweets and demanded that he be removed.

Comedian Kevin Hart appears to have little interest in addressing the controversy that got him booted from hosting the Oscars. He chose the latter.

DeGeneres revealed that she had called The Academy and asked them to bring Hart back as host.

"The fight is the will and want for equality. No, they weren't "haters" who came after you". "I understand you", he continued, adding that he hopes the LGBTQ community can forgive him and accept he's a different person from the one who sent those tweets nearly a decade ago.

"I feel like if you're not homophobic anymore, you shouldn't mind apologizing for your past homophobia again", one Twitter user wrote.

He went on to explain why he sent those tweets, which have since been deleted.

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