Published: Wed, January 09, 2019
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Everything We Know About 'Fiji Water Girl', The Golden Globes' Viral Star

Everything We Know About 'Fiji Water Girl', The Golden Globes' Viral Star

Kelleth Cuthbert was working the award ceremony as a promotional model for Fiji, the bougie bottled water brand, distributing free bottles to stars on the red carpet.

I need to tap the FIJI water girl on demand during my most successful marathons.

Kelleth Cuthbert is having a pretty good week.

Have to hand it to her, she took a mundane job and made the best of it.

From Fiji Water girl to Sandra's adorable parents, we round up the four viral moments you may have missed. She drew attention by photobombing all the stars, including the cast of "Crazy Rich Asians", Richard Madden, Judy Greer and Idris Elba.

Clad in a blue tiered dress with black bows and holding a tray of Fiji water, the young brunette gazed knowingly into the camera.

Despite her professional accolades, Cuthbert said her appearance on Sunday was all done, courtesy of her own skills.

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"It's all strategic", the model who became known as Fiji Water Girl told the Los Angeles Times.

But still, she spent the night, serving Fiji Water, blissfully unaware of her new fame, with over 50K tweets about her in just a few hours, and her Instagram follower count rising and rising - it stands at 197K atm. It was the Fiji Water girl, who passed out water like it was nobody's business and managed to maneuver her way into the background of every photo.

Though Cuthbert looked lovely, she didn't have a stylist to fix her hair and makeup.

"I've been photobombing since I was a kid", she said with a laugh.

She's been dubbed the real victor of the Golden Globes, staring down the barrel of the camera with a wry smile behind Hollywood's elite, but was "Fiji Water Girl" a major splash or a minor ripple in the marketing world? "They all work so hard", she said.

Cuthbert told Glamour: "I do love a good meme, so I think it's incredibly ironic and amusing that I'm one now", she says. The model, who is represented by the Wilhemina agency, has nearly 170,000 followers on Instagram. And she also helped the water company earn more than $12 million in ad impressions, according to Yahoo Finance.

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