Published: Mon, January 07, 2019
Electronics | By Kelly Massey

Samsung Smart TVs in 2019 to Support Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa

Samsung Smart TVs in 2019 to Support Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa

Amazon just announced there are 100 million Alexa devices out there, so if we're treating all devices as equal, Google has ten times as many voice command devices in the wild than Amazon. It seems that people are addicted to Amazon Echo instead of Google Home since the Jeff Bezos owned company has breached the 100 Million sale.

Alexa-enabled devices enjoy the advantage over other companies which are still perfecting their smart speaker range where Amazon has been able to simply expand its lineup with tailor-made Alexa skills. The number was revealed in an interview by The Verge with Amazon's SVP of devices and services Dave Limp.

Pentagon Chief of Staff Kevin Sweeney Steps Down
During Sweeney's time in the private sector, he was Vice President of Track Patch 1 Corporation and served on various boards. Sweeney served as chief of staff to former Defence Secretary James Mattis, who resigned from his post at the end of 2018.

However, he has no illusions that the voice assistant market is one that is going to become more and more competitive over coming years. Google says it expects to hit one billion Google Assistant devices by the end of the month-that's the total install base of devices that allow the user to issue voice commands to the Google Assistant. Amazon had established the device category smart speaker with wizard Software and now trying to bring Alexa into more and more technology from different manufacturers. As opposed to iPhones and Android devices which come with these assistant's built in by default. It's very likely that many users are using the Google Assistant, indeed Google notes that the number of active users has quadrupled over the past year. If you are unaware, Echo Auto can be mounted inside any vehicle and is powered by Alexa.

Amazon didn't reveal any other figures, but this is still enough to promote the epic rise of smart speakers, as well as smart homes in the current tech space.

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