Published: Sun, January 06, 2019
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Pelosi invites Trump to deliver State of Union address

Pelosi invites Trump to deliver State of Union address

Trump is demanding funding for a wall on the Mexican border.

She argued that because the House of Representatives passed a package last month that included the president's requested $5.6 billion in funding, the buck now passes to the Senate. She was the first woman to take the post in 2007 and is now the first women to return to the post.

A variety of strategies are being floated inside and outside the White House, among them trading wall funding for a deal on immigrants brought to the country as young people and now here illegally, or using a national emergency declaration to build the wall.

White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders later issued a statement calling the issue "another unnecessary byproduct of the shutdown" and saying the administration is "exploring options to prevent this from being implemented while some federal workers are furloughed".

In the spirit of our Constitution, I invite you to deliver your State of the Union address before a Joint Session of Congress on Tuesday, January 29, 2019 in the House Chamber, Pelosi said. "I just want to start off by congratulating Nancy Pelosi on being elected Speaker of the House".

US Democrats swept back to power on Thursday in the House of Representatives with veteran Nancy Pelosi at the helm, but they came face to face with what may be a new divided government normal in Washington: legislative gridlock.

The White House said ahead of the vote that Trump's advisors would recommend that the president veto the bill if it does not provide funding for the border wall.

The new US House of Representatives, which is now controlled by Democrats, has approved legislation to end a two-week partial government shutdown without funding President Donald Trump's proposed wall along the border with Mexico.

Congressional leaders were slated to meet with Trump at 11 a.m. Friday to resume negotiations, though neither side appears ready to cave.

Trump says the wall is crucial to curbing irregular immigration.

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New House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said no funding for the wall would be made available.

Speaking in a dimly-lit room, Tlaib told a cheering crowd: 'We're going to impeach that motherf***er'.

The broader measure includes funding for the remainder of the fiscal year for every government agency now closed, with the exception of agencies within the Department of Homeland Security.

A vote on a package of six appropriations bills late Thursday night passed 241-190, while lawmakers also approved a narrow measure to extend funding for the Department of Homeland Security until February 8 by a tally of 239-192.

Jordan is unlikely to vote for any proposal that doesn't include Trump's full request, but one of the byproducts of Democrats taking back the House is that Jordan's vote is irrelevant.

Schumer said that if McConnell and Senate Republicans stay on the sidelines, "Trump can keep the government shut down for a long time".

Democrats, on the other hand, spoke of families unable to pay bills and called on Trump to reopen the government while negotiations continue.

Prior to the votes, Trump made a surprise appearance in the White House briefing room on Thursday afternoon to underscore his demand for the border wall, asserting that "without a wall, you can not have border security".

For her second speakership, Pelosi defeated Republican nominee Kevin McCarthy in a roll-call vote Thursday, winning 220 votes out of a total of 430 present, according to CNN.

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