Published: Sun, January 06, 2019
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Fortnite season 7, week 5 challenges and how to complete them

Fortnite season 7, week 5 challenges and how to complete them

The Fortnite Season 7 Week 5 challenges are now live, and just like any other week, there's a secret Battle Star for players to uncover in the world of Battle Royale. These are obviously not named locations, but I'll bet you've passed by these places tons of times and when you see them, you'll say, "Yes, of course that's the encircled tree!"

Another week, another set of new challenges have become available for Fortnite Battle Royale players to complete and gain some valuable experience to level up their Season 7 Battle Pass and earn some cosmetic rewards. You need 7 to complete this Fortnite challenge, but these don't all have to be gotten at once.

These multi-stage challenges are usually pretty popular because they're easier to track down and complete. The particular air traffic control tower that Fortnite players will need to dance on top of in order to complete the week 5 challenge is located in the location of Frosty Flights. The simplest way to accomplish this quest would be to deal damage to the base, which would then completely crumble the entire structure.

The Ranger Tower can't be missed since it's the tallest structure at Lonely Lodge.

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Suppressed weapon eliminations may be a little trickier, as you'll only be able to use suppressed pistols or the suppressed assault rifles for this.

The first location you'll need to dance on, as we've stated, is the water tower. You'll need to destroy 5,000 pieces in total. Players always have the option of building up to it or using one of the mobility items, but taking the stairs might be the best choice since there are several chests on the way to the top.

As you glide in, aim for the south end of the covered bridge and try to land between the two rocks near the ridge. If you've done all the Week 5 Challenges, the Secret Battle Star will be waiting for you there.

Once you've completed all three dances on these towers, you'll have finished this challenge and be on your way to earning your weekly rewards.

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