Published: Sat, January 05, 2019
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Aaliyah's Mum Releases Official Statement After R Kelly Underage Sex Claims

Aaliyah's Mum Releases Official Statement After R Kelly Underage Sex Claims

However, last night Twitter was ablaze with celebrities live tweeting reactions to the chilling testimonies of the women who accused Kelly of wrongdoing and shocking interviews with some of the singer's own family members. Because I'm just like, look, you can't tell me what I can and cannot do.

"The first time I witnessed a sexual act in the studio was during the recording of (Kelly's song) 'Slow Dance (Remix).' He had one of my teenage friends in the booth with him, bent over".

"Also on the series premiere, Kelly's former tour manager and assistant, Demetrius Smith, not only revealed that he was the first person Kelly came to anxious that he got Aaliyah pregnant, but he was in the room when the two secretly got married and was the one who forged the paperwork stating that Aaliyah was 18-years-old, when, in reality, she was only 15 at the time". I said, 'You little freak.

The long history of accusations against Kelly of alleged impropriety with young women and girls date back to 1994, when the singer was 27 years old and reportedly married his 15-year-old protegee, singer Aaliyah.

In the documentary, Jovante says, "We were out on the road with Aaliyah".

However, the mother of the late singer Aaliyah has denounced claims that her daughter had sex with the controversial crooner as an underage teenager.

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Kelly previously claimed he'd been sexually abused by a relative from the age of seven, telling GQ magazine, "It teaches you to definitely be sexual earlier than you should have, than you're supposed to".

She went on to add, "My husband and I were always on tour with her and at interviews and every place she went throughout her entire career".

"When the [room] door flew open on the bus, Robert was having sex with Aaliyah", Cunningham shared.

Kelly's old assistant, Demetrius Smith, also took part in the docuseries. "Whoever this woman is [who is making the allegations], I have never seen her before anywhere on planet earth, until now", Haughton's statement read.

What does R. Kelly have to say about all this?

Kelly's legal team sent a letter to Lifetime warning the company that should the six-part docuseries air as intended, Kelly would file a federal lawsuit on the same day.

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