Published: Fri, January 04, 2019
Electronics | By Kelly Massey

Google Chrome's Dark Theme is coming to Windows 10

Google Chrome's Dark Theme is coming to Windows 10

But today, we will be talking about a tool called Windows Auto-Night Mode that lets you toggle between Light & Dark theme easily.

As TechDows reports, Chrome developer Peter Kasting pointed out the lack of a dark mode for Chrome as a problem in May 2018.

Dark mode in Chrome Canary on Windows 10.

"Chrome should respect this", wrote Kasting.

Kasting's latest comment on Reddit confirms the Chrome team is bringing a dark mode for desktops. He gave no indication of when the new feature might arrive (and suggested that fans of the darker look use a custom theme in the meantime), but it's possible that it could arrive at the same time as the Mojave update, which is expected early this year.

The main issue with implementing the dark mode so far has been Chrome's 'Incognito mode.' Incognito traditionally has a dark appearance, so the Chrome team needs to find a way to differentiate browsing in dark mode from browsing in incognito.

Google Chrome with a dark theme

The "-enable-feature=DarkMode" flag that lets Chrome automatically switch between a light and dark mode depending on the operating system's UI light/dark color scheme is now not supported on Windows 10. It's great news for people who like the dark theme. Currently, the feature is in testing, and only available via Google Chrome Canary distributions.

Add -force-dark-mode to the end of the Target field and apply ok.

The macOS work has top priority (P1). Development of the Windows theme was at least, for a time, hindered by one of the developers not having a Windows laptop to use.

The only problem is that the dark mode isn't anywhere near polished. Microsoft cites better web compatibility as their reason for the change, especially seeing as how many web applications tend to recommend Chrome or Firefox to users of Edge.

Currently, the theme is clearly very unfinished; it's rife with black text on dark grey backgrounds, for example.

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