Published: Fri, January 04, 2019
Sci-tech | By Patricia Wade

'Bright fireball' meteor shower visible from Singapore on Friday morning

'Bright fireball' meteor shower visible from Singapore on Friday morning

'The Quadrantids peak, on the other hand, is much shorter-only a few hours'.

However, despite the relatively lengthy period in which they occur, catching the peak-where up to 100 meteors shoot across the sky-can be tricky as it only lasts around six hours.

Compared to other meteor showers such as Geminids or Orionids, the Quadrantids can be harder to observe due to their small peak time.

According to, the Quadrantids meteor shower will take place during the new moon, which means a darker sky and in turn a better viewing experience.

In the Northern Hemisphere, especially in Europe, people could see between 80 and 200 meteors per hour, according to CNN. The Quadrantids are known for bright, colorful fireball meteors because of the large particles of an asteroid interacting with our atmosphere.

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You can visit Time and Date for a better idea if you'll see it or not.

A moonless sky will make the meteors easier to spot, but not everyone around the world will get a good view.

"The name Quadrantids comes from the constellation Quadrans Muralis (Mural Quadrant), created by the French astronomer Jerome Lalande in 1795", wrote Bruce McClure on EarthSky. The shower radiates between the Big Dipper and Boötes.

This year's show doesn't have great timing for North American observations. Give your eyes roughly 10 minutes to adjust to the dark.

On January 5 and 6, depending on where you live, a partial solar eclipse will be visible in China, in North and South Korea, in Japan, in Russian Federation, and over the North Pacific Ocean and the Aleutian Islands.

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