Published: Thu, January 03, 2019
Electronics | By Kelly Massey

Google's Fuchsia OS will reportedly run Android apps

Google's Fuchsia OS will reportedly run Android apps

Looks like Google won't make your Android apps obsolete whenever it switches to the Fuchsia operating system. The latest report has further hinted that Fuchsia OS will support Android apps.

The fact that neither has been completely successful in doing so means the odds would be stacked against Fuchsia, but if they do get it right, would be a realisation of a holy grail in computing - able to work across chipsets and form factors. This shows Google is bringing a specially designed version of ART, or Android Run Time, to Fuchsia.

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As the readme file added to the AOSP Fuchsia repository confirms, the ART version used with Fuchsia OS will not target specific hardware, and it will produce a platform-specific package with a.far extension, a similar approach to the popular Android Package Kit (APK) package file format Android uses for app distribution and installation.

While Google has been (not so) secretly working on a project internally codenamed Fuchsia for at least a couple of years, its development appears to have ramped up recently, with a large team of over 100 engineers rumored to be prepping some sort of an Android replacement. Still in development, it looks like it's going to be a "hybrid" OS, which means the operating system will be made up of two distinct but connected user interfaces. Well, the answer to that question is... nobody knows, except maybe a few people over at Google. We might, however, see Google's first official confirmation of Fuchsia at its I/O event this year. One of these ended up containing a pre-built copy of the Fuchsia SDK (which would be used to create applications for Fuchsia), while the other was speculated that it could be a device that could be loaded into the Android Emulator so that it could run Fuchsia OS.

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