Published: Wed, January 02, 2019
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New Year's eve: Google doodle kicks off celebration with purple elephants

New Year's eve: Google doodle kicks off celebration with purple elephants

"Elephants never forget", Google wrote wishing every one a "Happy New Year's Eve!".

As we now that December 31 is being celebrated across the globe as New Year's Eve.

From New Delhi to NY, as the world celebrates New Year's Eve 2018, search giant Google is marking the occasion with a playful doodle showing two baby elephants tossing balloons and chomping on popcorn.

The search engine featuring two purple elephant twinning with a yellow and green cap was seen celebrating the New Year with cakes and gifts. The word "Google" is also seen on the decoration and the clock is about to strike twelve. In the past Google has used doodles to celebrate prominent people, their achievements and more.

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Google -doodle's animated graphic shows one elephant blowing balloons with its trunk while the endearing elephant tossing pieces of popcorn from a bag into its mouth. This year, the doodle is more subdued and uses Elephants as the main character.

New Year celebrations are held across the world with people gathering to celebrate it by releasing balloons at the turn of the New Year while others congregage to wathc spectacular fireworks show.

Last year's Google Doodle featured a family of birds - penguins and parrots on December 31.

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