Published: Tue, January 01, 2019
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Netflix Stops offering in-app Subscription for iOS Users

Netflix Stops offering in-app Subscription for iOS Users

Netflix has stopped offering iTunes billing as a payment method to its new or returning subscribers on iOS globally.

iOS users can also now double-tap on either side of their screen to skip forward and backward between scenes. The current subscribers, who use iTunes billing, can continue to use the option until they cancel their account. 'We no longer support iTunes as a method of payment for new members, ' a Netflix spokesperson told VentureBeat on Friday.

Netflix is no longer letting new users use iTunes billing

While an In-App subscription is way more easy to utilise even by any one, the fact that Apple takes a few percentage cut out of each subscription fee from Netflix users might be the reason the company is stopping the support for the in-app purchase in general. "If you are now billed by iTunes, you can continue to use iTunes billing until your account is cancelled". The streaming company confirmed the news to Venture Beat, saying that it has been applied globally as of around late November. The welcome screen in the app will just show the Sign In or Recover Password buttons. Existing users who still have their subscriptions active will still have the option to pay via iTunes. This tactic has also been adopted by Spotify and Amazon's Kindle and Comixology apps which have all avoided Apple's tariffs by pushing users to an external browser to complete their purchases. Previously this year, Fortnite challenged Google's claim to app revenue by making the game's mobile app version downloadable outside of the Google Play Store. In fact, the app still isn't on Google Play, and as long as Google is taking a cut, it likely never will be.

Mubadala WTC: Novak Djokovic edges Kevin Anderson for historic title
The second set nearly went the same way as the first, with neither player able to break the other's serve in the first 11 games. Anderson would go on to be beaten by Novak Djokovic , but gave a good account of himself in the win over Nadal.

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