Published: Mon, December 31, 2018
Electronics | By Kelly Massey

Google finally rolls out spam protection feature for text messages

Google finally rolls out spam protection feature for text messages

First reported by Android Police, the change seems to happen server-side - which means you don't actually need to update your app to see it - but it doesn't appear to be live for everyone at the moment. The Spam Protection options can be found in the Advanced section of the settings.

Toggle the button next to enable spam protection to activate the feature.

Spam messages are a problem in some regions like India, and Google's Stock SMS app provides an easy and free way to deal with that.

Further, the pop-up says that spam protection sends some data about your messages to Google.

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Google has begun rolling out its spam protection feature for Messages after nearly over six months of developing it for Android users. It allows users to understand the new feature, and to manage its settings.

According to the support page, Google temporarily stores the phone numbers used and times people send and receive messages with you. Spam protection can't be a bad thing, can it? When enabled, some information about the received message will be sent to Google. The actual innerworkings of the automated system are still shrouded in mystery, but it likely taps into a database that helps it detect patterns and similarities between spam messages, which it then uses to determine if what you're getting is, indeed, an unwanted text.

The new feature compliments existing features, such as blocking numbers and the spam protection already built into Google's native Phone app available on Pixel, Android One and some Android Go devices.

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