Published: Fri, December 28, 2018
Sci-tech | By Patricia Wade

Super blood wolf moon happening January 20

Super blood wolf moon happening January 20

It's being called a "Super Blood Wolf Moon", and it will be visible across all of the continental US, starting on January 20, and reaching its peak on the following night January 21.

The total lunar eclipse will be witnessed on the evening of January 20 to 21 wherein the rare Super Blood Wolf Moon is going to pass through the northern half of Earth's shadow, according to meteorologist Scott Sutherland who revealed the news through The Weather Network.

If you keep track of such things, this will be the last time a lunar eclipse and a super moon occur at the same time until May 2021.

No, it's not a death metal band - it's a rare lunar phenomenon that will occur on January 20.

He said a total lunar eclipse is like a meteor shower: "You don't need equipment to enjoy it, you just go outside, and there it is".

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Total lunar eclipses are often called blood moons because they cause the moon to take on a deep red color. On Jan. 20, the moon will be about 222,274 miles from Earth as a full moon.

A supermoon occurs when the moon is within 90 percent of its closest possible distance to the Earth. There are usually 12 full moons in a year and each one has a traditional name.

A very cool sounding event is happening in 2019.

So what exactly is a super blood wolf moon eclipse?

For three hours and 17 minutes next month, the moon will look red thanks to the total lunar eclipse.

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