Published: Sun, December 23, 2018
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First Day of Winter: 4 Fast Facts

First Day of Winter: 4 Fast Facts

The winter solstice occurs when in the Northern Hemisphere, which includes the USA, is tipped at its furthest point away from the sun. Now, we get to celebrate the summer and winter solstices in the comfort of our own homes, thanks to Google, which simultaneously posted summer and winter solstice Google Doodles suitable to the appropriate hemisphere.

On the shortest day of the year, the sun set at 2.54pm in Shetland, 60 degrees north of the equator. In China, the Donghzi Festival takes place on the winter solstice when families get together for a special feast.

In the pagan tradition, the Goddess gives birth to a son, the God, at Yule, which is around December 21.

Leading to a search for "winter solstice 2017", today's doodle shows the mouse doing a little ice skating and playing in the snow.

Naseeruddin Shah receiving backlash over ‘worried for children in India remarks
On December 3, a mob, including right-wing activists, attacked a police station over alleged cow slaughter in the areas. Calling Shah a "traitor", Jani also said that if the actor feels so unsafe in India, he should shift base to Pakistan.

Of course, our long winter night pales in comparison with Alaska, where the sun barely climbs above the horizon for three to four hours in much of the Last Frontier.

With the passage of the GOP tax bill, which will devastates health care, education, social services & innumerable programs for millions of Americans including our LGBTQ community we head into the shortest day of the year with only 9 ½ hours of sunlight here in the northeast. As in other traditions, the Japanese light huge bonfires to encourage the sun to come back. They spend time preparing themselves by fasting and praying for several days before the solstice, which they see as the beginning of the year.

Winter may just be getting started, but if you're ready for more sunlight, you won't have much longer to wait. Then 12 kachina clowns dance with the Shalako, seen as messengers from the gods, who are 12 foot-high effigies with bird heads.

What You Need To Know About The Winter Solstice: How much daylight?

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