Published: Fri, December 21, 2018
Global News | By Blake Casey

United Nations peacekeeping chief warns against miscalculation over Israel-Lebanon border

United Nations peacekeeping chief warns against miscalculation over Israel-Lebanon border

"Since the beginning of this campaign we have uncovered 4 tunnels that crossed into our territory with the goal to kidnap our people and conquer the northern part of the Galilee" Netanyahu at a press conference ahead of United Nations Security Council Discussion of Hezbollah Terror Tunnels, "this is an act of war, this is part of a war plan that it has been confirmed by UNIFIL and it represents a clear violation of UN Security Council Resolution 1701".

What's worse, from Tehran's perspective, is that the global community merely shrugs when Israel carries out such strikes and Russian Federation hasn't acted to put an end to them either. He accused the Lebanese army of then relaying the information to Hezbollah, allowing it to try to hide the tunnels. The latest was found last weekend, and stretched from the southern Lebanese village of Ramieh to the Israeli community of Zarit.

Lebanon's Foreign Ministry said it was concerned about the United Nations report about the tunnels crossing the border into Israel in violation of the 2006 cease-fire agreement.

Lebanon's foreign ministry has said the Lebanese army will "take all necessary measures to ensure [resolution 1701] is well implemented in co-ordination with Unifil forces". "They haven't even tried".

The UN force, UNIFIL, said Monday that two of the tunnels allegedly dug by Hezbollah cross the border in violation of the cease-fire agreement that ended Israel's 2006 war with Hezbollah. "This includes President Aoun directing the Lebanese Armed Forces to act promptly to investigate the suspected starting points of the tunnels".

Earlier in the day, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu urged the UNSC to take action against Hezbollah over its tunnels.

More than 1,125 Lebanese, majority civilians, and 159 Israelis, including 43 civilians, were killed in that conflict.

An IDF incursion into Lebanon could spark a major confrontation with Hezbollah, which bills itself as a defender of Lebanon against Israeli aggression.

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Hezbollah, a powerful organization that acts independently in Lebanon, has yet to comment on the Israeli discovery.

His report was later followed by an article by the Russian outlet Kommersant which said that Moscow is allowing Hezbollah units and Shiite militias in Syria to use Russian flags as protection against Israeli air strikes.

These subterranean shafts were likely supposed to be used if Israel takes military action in Lebanon or once Iran passes a nuclear threshold that would embolden it to embark on a sustained military confrontation with Israel, which is something the regime in Tehran would like to avoid in the near-term.

"It's time that this security council asks as one and speaks in one those who do not think Hezbollah is a threat to Israel and region, we ask this, what further proof do you need?" the U.S. representative claimed".

UNIFIL technical assessments have further determined that at least two of these tunnels cross the Blue Line and constitute violations of UN Security Council Resolution 1701, he said. "It is committing a double war crime", the prime minister explained.

"The fact that the Lebanese army is doing nothing means they are unable or unwilling or both to do anything about this".

"If Hezbollah will have the arrogance to attack Israel, we will bury it in the rubble of Lebanon", Danon warned.

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