Published: Wed, December 19, 2018
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Paige Officially Removed As SmackDown General Manager

Paige Officially Removed As SmackDown General Manager

Ronda Rousey closed TLC with a statement knocking Charlotte Flair and Becky Lynch off a ladder.

- Paige's tenure as the General Manager of Smackdown has come to an end.

When Daniel Bryan was cleared for in-ring competition earlier this year he left behind his role as SmackDown Live General Manager.

Vince brought out Stephanie and Shane McMahon and Triple H to state that things have gotten poor around Raw as superstars have been suffocated and management has been absent. They announced that they will be making changes to better the quality of WWE's content, and they will now be in control of Raw and SmackDown Live.

It's always interesting to know who produces what matches during RAW. By extension, SmackDown Live's ratings have suffered, too, even though most fans online heavily praise the FOX-bound show.

Penny Marshall dead at 75
She is survived by her sister Ronny, daughter Tracy Reiner and three grandchildren, Spencer, Bella and Viva. The actress became a star after the massive success of the sitcom "Laverne & Shirley".

Most wrestling fans are just as confused as Paige, but the support for the SmackDown GM has been nearly universal.

As a result, the announcement hasn't gone down well with some WWE fans, as they believe it's just more of the same of what they were previously receiving on Raw.

Paige will be staying on WWE SmackDown in a new role that is to be announced.

It appears the McMahons are taking back their show.

So while WWE is wise to push the envelope and change things up, Paige needs to continue to be a big part of the "Blue Brand". And now, the fans are the authority.

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