Published: Tue, December 18, 2018
Sport | By Kayla Schwartz

Sixers want first rounder, have shot down multiple trades for Markelle Fultz

Sixers want first rounder, have shot down multiple trades for Markelle Fultz

Not to mention, there's no guarantee Fultz even lives up to the hype since when he does play, it's not like his level of play stands out like some of the other players from his draft class.

According to Keith Pompey of the Philadelphia Inquirer, there is no urgency within the Philadelphia 76ers' organization to trade Fultz quickly.

The Sixers are also said to be waiting until teams begin to get eliminated from the playoff race to engage in trade talks for Fultz. Per the report, some in the ownership group believe that having Fultz continue to underwhelm while on the 76ers is a better option than risking him breaking out on a new team.

He finally got a diagnosis - thoracic outlet syndrome - in recent weeks though, and there's hope that with proper treatment, he can return to the form he showed before entering the National Basketball Association. "It's not just that Philadelphia remains hopeful in getting Fultz on track to be a star in Philadelphia - much like prior top picks Ben Simmons and Embiid, who both missed their rookie seasons because of injuries".

In fact, here are three reasons that immediately stand out when it comes to Fultz, and why this would be a bad idea for Philadelphia.

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The ownership group also isn't in total agreement with what do with Fultz, according to league sources.

Since the team traded up two picks and gave away another first-round pick in order to get Fultz coming out of Washington, some would prefer to keep the 20-year-old on the roster to see if he can still develop into what he was expected to be when he entered the draft. However, they aren't going to move him for scraps.

League executives believe the Sixers will settle for less as it gets closer to the February 7 trade deadline, because there really isn't a trade market for Fultz right now.

For the 76ers, there is no desire to force a deal with Fultz's trade value so low.

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