Published: Tue, December 18, 2018
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David Cameron is 'advising Theresa May on Brexit'

David Cameron is 'advising Theresa May on Brexit'

In a sketch devoted to Oscar host auditions, the cast of the show ran through tons of celebrity impressions, and Matt Damon's Chris Hemsworth might be our favorite.

Whatever the case may be, here Matt Damon is for the second time in his career, bookending his stints at 30 Rock that were separated by more than 16 years.

Last Monday, Mrs May had to pull her "meaningful vote" when faced with the probability it would get voted down by MPs.

"Because what he told her - I understand - is that she should "get on with getting parliament to work through the options".

He said: "I made a promise in the election to call a referendum and I called the referendum". Growing up, my brother and I would go to my dad's house every other weekend, and he told us that if we could stay up until 1 a.m., we could watch Saturday Night Live.

Theresa May's tough week in London was topped off with a ribbing from overseas
Image Theresa May's tough week in London was topped off with a ribbing from overseas

The Boston native explained that he didn't pull it off until he was eight and 'probably didn't get all the jokes'. "And although it was way past our bedtime, my dad knew that there was nothing more important in the world than to laugh with the people that you love". Said Damon, "Here's to all the moms and dads who let their kids stay up too late for all the right reasons".

He said: "If you want a symbol of the catastrophe Theresa May faces over Brexit here it is: her predecessor David Cameron is advising her how to get some kind route out of the European Union - that isn't the fast one over the cliff - through parliament".

As fun as Aquaman star Jason Momoa's Saturday Night Live hosting debut was last weekend, Brett Kavanaugh impersonator Matt Damon's turn as the guest host for the last episode of 2018 turned out to be the season's best.

The remainder of the episode was decidedly more light.

Michael Flynn's Business Partner Indicted Ahead of Trump Aide's Sentencing
Kian appeared in federal court in Alexandria, Virginia , according to the Washington Post , while Alptekin remains overseas. The indictment notes that Flynn's column uses identical or very similar language to that prepared by Kian in a draft op-ed.

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