Published: Mon, December 17, 2018
Global News | By Blake Casey

Constantinople Patriarch to Give Tomos on Ukraine's 'New Church' Autocephaly

Constantinople Patriarch to Give Tomos on Ukraine's 'New Church' Autocephaly

The council chose 39-year-old Metropolitan Yepifaniy, whose secular name is Sergiy Dumenko, to lead the new church.

"The deliberate instigation by the Russian special services of inter-church conflicts in Ukraine, to be combined with provoking direct acts of terrorism, may become a pretext for open military invasion by the Russian Federation's armed forces of our country", Vasyl Hrytsak, the chief of Ukraine's security service, said, according to Reuters. These include lying about Russian soldiers in Ukraine, lying after Russians shot down a passenger plane with a Buk missile, lying about not invading Crimea, lying about whether Russia is going to annex Crimea, and then annexing Crimea.

Russian Federation has responded to attempts to create an independent, unified church in Ukraine with condemnation, comparing it to the great schism of 1054 that divided western and eastern Christianity.

"What kind of church is this?" said Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko, who participated in the assembly and went to speak to thousands of people outside the cathedral to present the Metropolitan.

The creation of a united, Ukrainian Orthodox Church has been announced in Kiev - this means the end of the long-term process of uniting the Orthodox churches of Ukraine and the struggle for the complete independence of the Ukrainian church from Moscow, Hromadske reports.

President Petro Poroshenko also came as an honorary guest, reportedly asking crowds outside to "stand and pray for a Ukrainian church to be created today". "We are seizing spiritual independence, which can be likened to political independence. We are cutting off the chains that bind us to the empire and returning to our God-determined path". For the first time the Synod foresees the presence of representatives of the three unified Churches (patriarchy, autocephalous and Muscovite), while the canonization of the saints and the consecration of miron, the sacred chrism, are reserved to Constantinople.

Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew of Constantinople, the leading authority in Orthodox Christianity, expressed "great joy and satisfaction" in a statement late Saturday.

Since the revolution, Russian Federation led by President Vladimir Putin has annexed Crimea from Ukraine and fomented a conflict near the two nations' border.

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The synod came shortly after a maritime crisis that saw Russian Federation seize three Ukrainian navy ships and arrest 24 sailors in the waters around Crimea.

Saturday's religious rupture from the Russian Orthodox Church is a potent - possibly explosive - mix of politics, religious faith and national identity.

The church known as the Moscow Patriarchate, aligned with the Russian Orthodox Church, sees itself as the only legitimate church in Ukraine.

Ukrainian border guards prevent Russian men, aged 16-60, from entering Ukraine.

The Moscow Patriarchate sees the Ukraine but as his ancestral Church. Poroshenko will be taking his newly appointed Kiev patriarch to Constantinople in January to try to get formal approval from the global Orthodoxy.

It has dismissed the new church as "uncanonical". Poroshenko is portraying the church schism as an "issue of national security" and is hoping it will help revive his rock-bottom popularity before elections in March.

In front of the Cathedral several Hundred people with Ukrainian flags, expressed their support for a Church's detachment from Russian Federation.

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