Published: Sun, December 16, 2018
Global News | By Blake Casey

NYC Subway Rider Makes Citizen's Arrest on Passenger Accused of Assault

NYC Subway Rider Makes Citizen's Arrest on Passenger Accused of Assault

The blonde aggressor can be seen taking off her gloves, tying up her hair and securing her belongings in preparation for combat.

"They're not letting me hit her back", Lushchinkskaya shouts.

From there, Lushchinskaya increased the intensity of her attack, kicking the woman and hitting her with an umbrella as other passengers tried to get her to stop.

Uproar arose from other subway riders, however, when Lushchinskaya spat at the young woman and called her a "F*cking chink". Lushchinskaya, with a Russain or Eastern European accent, screams that the man who has stepped in her way is preventing her from hitting Tung and then Lushchinskaya lunges at Tung, who now begins to fight back.

"F*** off!" Lushchinskaya yelled at a 24-year-old woman of presumably Asian descent, swatting and kicking her. "She's not even fighting you back".

The entire scene is being recorded by Juan Ayala, aka PlatanoMan, who initially provides some comic relief by turning the camera phone on himself making what's-going-on faces.

A viral video of a white woman named Anna Lushchinskaya hurling racist insults and attempting to kick and slap an Asian passenger on a NYC subway had a happy ending.

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A number of fellow passengers then scold the woman for being "racist".

The woman reported her rape to a police precinct around 2 p.m. Wednesday, cops said.

A woman was raped by a stranger after falling asleep on a subway train in Brooklyn, police said.

Ayala's videos cut off at this point but another passenger uploaded his (or is it her?) video of the incident showing what happened next. "Did you just try to call me Muslim or some s***?". In return, @PlatanoMan wrestled her to the ground. After a few more exchanges with the other passengers, Lushchinskaya winds up in a confrontation with Ayala who has gotten out of his seat and tells her he is filming for World Star Hip Hop. In another picture, she's being detained by police. "It's not a situation that anybody should be involved in, especially a little girl".

A woman has been arrested after cellphone video showed her attacking a woman and shouting a racial slur at her, police said Thursday.

Lushchinskaya, or Anna Lushchinsky, the name she used in her career as an attorney, was arrested and charged after the drama on the D.

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