Published: Sat, December 15, 2018
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When to catch the Geminid meteor shower this weekend

When to catch the Geminid meteor shower this weekend

The subsequent images show Geminids' path through Earth's atmosphere which can be viewed by clicking the arrow button on either of the doodle. The best time to watch for Geminids will be sunset on Wednesday until dawn on Thursday morning. The Geminids Meteor Shower reached its peak on Friday, as shooting stars lit up the pitch black sky. This point will be at its highest at 2 a.m. It's not all that important for shooting star-gazers, because they can actually appear anywhere in the sky, but any shooting stars you do see will appear to shoot from the general direction of Gemini. But it is slated to set about 10 p.m., after which the sky should be the darkest and best time for viewing the light display.

In the hours before sunrise Friday, the most meteors will be visible in the North American sky, peaking about 7:30 a.m. ET, predicts Sky & Telescope.

"While uncommon, Earthgrazers are fantastic to watch because they can last for many seconds", King stated.

According to, the Geminids will most likely be the best meteor shower of 2018. According to, meteors intensify in number as the evening deepens into late night, with 2am pinpointed as the prime viewing time.

Dust. All that happens is that Earth is moving through a stream of dust and particles left over from the passing of a comet through the solar system. Few of us live in such a meteor utopia. The escalation of yellowish streaks of light in the night-sky has only grown intense with every passing year. For those in the suburbs, expect about 30 to 40 per hour.

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The darker the sky, the longer you'll be able to set your exposure so as to avoid washing it all out.

Getting the lawn chair out of winter storage helps, as well as gathering a blanket or two and a warm beverage to enjoy the night display. A meteor flash is seen here with an aurora borealis shimmer in Norway.

Karen O'Connor, from Gelorup business The Mobile Observatory, said the shower was the biggest and brightest meteor shower observable in both hemispheres, with 120 to 160 meteors per hour at its peak.

"The Geminids will appear to the north-east, just above the horizon in the constellation of Gemini", she said. Unless you've served as an astronaut there's a good chance the answer to that is no.

The brightest comet of the year, 46P/Wirtanen, will also be visible this week.

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