Published: Sat, December 15, 2018
Electronics | By Kelly Massey

MediaTek’s new mid-range Helio P90 chip puts a focus on AI

MediaTek’s new mid-range Helio P90 chip puts a focus on AI

MediaTek has announced the latest technology to upgrade the mid-range devices with the advent of the Helio P90 processor which is going to be a part of several Android smartphones and it is not going to cost you more than $500 to $700. The SoC will also help users execute intensive AI tasks effortlessly with faster and more accurate results in addition to offering a longer battery life. Able to support up to 8GB LPDDR4x-1866 in dual channel configurations and UFS 2.1 storage drive, the chip is also equipped with a PowerVR GM 9446 GPU from Imagination Technologies that can go up to 970MHz. That means MediaTek Helio P90 gives users the highest sustainable performance with low power operation for the flawless combination of battery life and power on demand. The APU 2.0 enables the Helio P90 to support a wide variety of artificial intelligence-powered features, which include the Google Lens, an image recognition feature developed by the search giant, and human pose detection, a functionality that can track and analyze the body movements of the user.

The CPU of the chipset has been improved for faster performance of the device on one hand and on the other hand, the camera abilities have been improved significantly. Instead of 4 high-end cores and 4 utility cores, the P90 makes use of a more energy efficient cluster made of 2x high-end Cortex-A75 cores running at 2.2 GHz and 6x Cortex-A55 utility cores clocked at 2 GHz. It also supports AI frameworks like TensorFlow, TF Lite, Caffe and Caffe2 allowing developers to easily create AI-based applications. The 4G LTE WorldMode modem in the SoC introduces 4x4 MIMO, 3CA and 256QAM and supports dual-SIM 4G LTE, and more but there is not a whiff of 5G here. Devices equipped with the chipset can capture 48-megapixel images at a frame rate of 30FPS and it can also record super slow-motion videos at HD resolution and a frame rate of 480FPS.

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The Helio P90 ISP AI Engine can accurately detect face and scenes in real-time under low light and motion condition. But, with the MediaTek Helio P90, we have a different arrangement.

The new MediaTek will produce stunning images and awesome portraits in any light, and that means that some smartphones of low quality will not be able to afford it.

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