Published: Fri, December 14, 2018
Electronics | By Kelly Massey

Vitaminwater contest offers $100K to ditch your smartphone for a year

Vitaminwater contest offers $100K to ditch your smartphone for a year

It just launched a $100,000 contest for people who want to stop using their smartphones for a year.

The company is looking for one person willing to trade in their smartphone for a regular old cell phone that only makes calls and sends texts.

Maybe this cold bottle of Vitamin Water will distract you from your smartphone separation anxiety.

You can enter the contest by sharing on Instagram or Twitter why you feel you're up for the challenge, including the hashtags #nophoneforayear and #contest.

Vitaminwater offered a small guide for participants interested in the challenge.

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"This means you may not operate, caress, hug or otherwise be physically affectionate with anyone's smartphone", the company says.

The victor, which Vitaminwater will select, will be able to enter a contract for a smartphone-free year for a prize of $100,000, with $10,000 if you make it six months. The smartphone-less guinea pig will also have to submit to a lie-detector test at the end of the "scroll free for a year" contest period, so don't even think about sneaking off for some quality time with your friend's iPhone.

That's the question vitaminwater is asking as part of a new contest that urges people to give up that device that rules our lives for 365 days.

Contestants will be able to use their computers as well as voice-controlled smart devices like Amazon Echo. You'll receive a "1996-era cellular telephone" to use instead.

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