Published: Fri, December 14, 2018
Electronics | By Kelly Massey

Hackers Crack Open Sony PlayStation Classic With Ease

Hackers Crack Open Sony PlayStation Classic With Ease

Famous gaming console hackers yifanlu and madmonkey1907 were successful in loading the PlayStation Classic's code via the system's UART serial port. YifanLu took to Twitter and demonstrated through a series of Twitch-streamed sessions of the hacking procedure.

Sony's PlayStation Classic mini-console has only twenty games pre-loaded, and there's no built-in mechanism for adding more. This means the key that unlocks the console's software lock is buried inside the console instead of being held by Sony, as first reported by Ars Technica.

In any case, the nearly total lack of functional security on the PlayStation Classic itself probably means we're only seeing the very beginnings of what hackers will be able to unlock on the ARM-based system.

Diving into the code is often an arduous process that enthusiasts embrace, however GitHub console hacker Pat Hartl has gone as far as creating an open-source tool to make the method significantly more user friendly.

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"There really isn't any security on the device at all", yifanlu told Kotaku.

If you keep tabs on the competition, you will have no doubt have heard about the PlayStation Classic. "Sony managed to accidentally include their firmware update private keys on every console".

As one would expect, the hackers wasted no time in trying to crack the retro console and get it to run other PlayStation games that aren't a part of the original list. PlayStation ROMs are much larger than those of the NES and SNES, whose mini editions were also quickly hacked and expanded. Now, hackers have discovered that it has a serious flaw that could effectively allow them to run additional games on it directly from a USB drive.

So far they've been able to play unincluded PS1 games like Spyro using a thumb drive and are now working on getting other emulators working on it as well.

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