Published: Thu, December 13, 2018
Global News | By Blake Casey

'Robot' at Russian tech show turns out to be man in suit

'Robot' at Russian tech show turns out to be man in suit

For starters, he was nearly perfectly human-shaped and didn't have any external sensors.

The Russian website TJournal listed questions about the robot's performance: Where were Boris's external sensors?

"Boris" was shown on state TV yesterday as part of the Proyektoria youth forum on technology, but soon social media began to swirl with suspicions of the robot that has "already learned to dance".

A robot hailed in Russian Federation as the latest in cutting-edge technology has been unmasked - as a man in a suit.

Forum organizers have said they used Boris to enliven the event, having him dance to a pop song, and they insist there was never any attempt to deceive people into thinking it was actually a robot.

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Footage of an artificial intelligence robot that Russian state television used as an example of the country's technological prowess has been exposed as a man wearing a robot suit.

They also noticed that a person would have fitted inside the "robot" perfectly...

There was clearly some manouvering behind the scenes after the rouse was revealed, with the report pulled from the YouTube channel of Russia-24, the state owned rolling news channel.

In its report, a channel anchor said it was "entirely possible one of these [students] could dedicate himself to robotics". "Especially as at the forum they have the opportunity to look at the most modern robots". It is said to create the "near total illusion that before you stands a real robot". The product's real name was "Aloysha the Robot", and Russia's MBKh Media even posted a photo of the actor in the suit before the forum.

"I know mathematics well but I also want to learn to draw", claimed Boris.

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