Published: Thu, December 13, 2018
Global News | By Blake Casey

Mystery Russian bombers land in Venezuela in WARNING to US

Mystery Russian bombers land in Venezuela in WARNING to US

Venezuelan Defense Minister Vladimir Padrino Lopez said the aircraft pose no threat.

"The Russian and Venezuelan people should see this for what it is: two corrupt governments squandering public funds, and squelching liberty and freedom while their people suffer", Pompeo wrote.

"Perhaps, an evaluation of Mr. Pompeo's undiplomatic statements will follow in the future", the Kremlin spokesman said, TASS reported.

Two Russian strategic bombers capable of carrying nuclear weapons have landed in ally Venezuela in a show of support for the government there that infuriated Washington.

The Kremlin considered on Tuesday the declarations made by US Secretary of State, Michael Pompeo, on the deployment of Russian strategic bombers TU-160 to Venezuela as completely inappropriate and highly undiplomatic. "Moreover, it is not appropriate for a country half of whose defense expenditure would be enough to feed all of Africa's people to make such statements", Peskov said.

The Russian government has sent a fleet of aircraft, including two nuclear-capable "Blackjack" bombers, to Venezuela reportedly for the goal of conducting a "joint training exercise" between the two nations.

But Russia is not the only one sending its bombers to other countries.

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The ministry said the bombers were shadowed by Norwegian F-18 fighter jets during part of their flight.

Russia-US relations are now at post-Cold War lows over Ukraine, the war in Syria and allegations of Russian meddling in the 2016 US election.

On Wednesday, Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro visited Russia and met with his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin.

Known as Blackjacks by North Atlantic Treaty Organisation members, the Tu-160 can fly at twice the speed of sound, and are capable of carrying nuclear or conventional missiles.

- Venezuela's economy and healthcare system are in a state of collapse, prompting the United States to send the hospital ship USNS Comfort to South America, in part to treat Venezuelan refugees.

Asked about the Russian bombers, Colonel Rob Manning, a Pentagon spokesman, said he had no specific information.

"Russia's government has sent bombers halfway around the world to Venezuela". Numerous Venezuelan migrants were among the people who received medical and dental treatment.

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