Published: Thu, December 13, 2018
Global News | By Blake Casey

Labour talks cancelled in growing row over no-confidence vote

Labour talks cancelled in growing row over no-confidence vote

Nicola Sturgeon has since reached out to Jeremy Corbyn on social media tweeting: "So @jeremycorbyn - if Labour, as official opposition, lodges motion of no confidence in this incompetent government tomorrow, @theSNP will support & we can then work together to give people the chance to stop Brexit in another vote".

Green MP Caroline Lucas appealed to Mr Corbyn as a "friend and a colleague" who shared her desire for "radical" change to the country.

Labour could be hoping that Theresa May survives the leadership contest this evening - because that could help them win their own vote of no confidence.

"She must now bring her dismal deal back to the House of Commons next week so Parliament can take back control".

Speaking at the People's Vote press conference before the assurance was issued, Mr Blackford said: "We know exactly what the Prime Minister is up to, because we're now aware that we may not be looking at a vote until close to, if not on the date of 21 January next year".

Several shadow cabinet sources confirmed the story after Jenny Chapman, shadow Brexit minister, was forced to backtrack on her threat in an LBC radio interview that her party's would bid to remove the prime minister from power "will probably come before Santa does".

Any MP can table a vote of no confidence but the main opposition party is the only one likely to be granted the Parliamentary time for a vote on it.

Prime Minister’s Questions
SNP Westminster leader Ian Blackford addresses Mrs May at PMQs

Tory Remainer Anna Soubry said: "The biggest obstacle to a people's vote at the moment is Jeremy Corbyn". "This house agreed a programme motion, this house agreed the five days of debate".

The United Kingdom's Tory government is on the verge of total collapse, and many believe Prime Minister Theresa May could soon be on her way out.

Today she is meeting Germany's Angela Merkel as well as European Union leaders Donald Tusk and Jean-Claude Juncker as they desperately try to find a way through the mounting crisis. "The prime minister's appalling behaviour needs to be held to account by this house".

May declined to rule out the idea of a no-deal departure, saying: "The way to ensure there is no no deal is to agree a deal".

But even before the prime minister made a decision to delay the meaningful vote this week, Labour has been backing away from immediately triggering the process, which could ultimately lead to a general election.

"We are where we are because of the prime minister's stubbornness and her stubbornness is the greatest risk to our country".

"There can be no more excuses, no more running away, put it before Parliament and let's have the vote".

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