Published: Wed, December 12, 2018
Global News | By Blake Casey

Chocolate factory spillage 'repaves' German road

Chocolate factory spillage 'repaves' German road

A storage tank overflowed at DreiMeister's chocolate factory, and the molten candy seeped through the gates, freezing on the cold pavement and leaving firefighters with one big headache.

The liquid chocolate leaked from the DreiMeister chocolate factory onto the streets of Westonnen, a suburb of Werl, after a "technical defect" said a statement from the city's fire department. They also used hot water and torches to remove remaining bits from cracks and holes.

About one ton of liquid chocolate trickled out of a nearby factory tank in Westonnen, a suburb of Werl Germany, coating the pavement before solidifying, on December 10, 2018, in this picture obtained from social media.

Chocolate production is slated to resume again on December 12.

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A street in Germany was paved in chocolate for a few hours after a spillage at a factory.

A large amount of chocolate spilled out onto a German street on Monday night, in what "would have been a catastrophe" if it were closer to Christmas, the company's boss Markus Luckey told local newspaper Soester Anzeiger.

He didn't know what happened to cause the chocolate spill but stated, "It was only a small thing".

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