Published: Tue, December 11, 2018
Electronics | By Kelly Massey

Yes, the New Microsoft Edge Will Support Chrome Extensions

Yes, the New Microsoft Edge Will Support Chrome Extensions

One of the things going for the current Microsoft Edge browser is that its market share is so low that most malware developers do not bother targeting the browser. As noted, the web browser will happen first. However, Edge product manager Kyle Alden stated in a discussion on Reddit that his browser team has every intention of baking in support for Chrome's vast extensions catalog. Edge users had little choice and often no choice at all; extension support felt inferior to Chrome's or Firefox's. For anyone that uses Chromes numerous extensions, this is excellent news.

Alden says PWA support will also be offered and these apps will be offered both in the Microsoft Store and directly through other channels.

Microsoft's curiously vague announcement about moving the Edge web browser to Chromium has unleashed a torrent of questions about the future. Otherwise, it would have been hard to convince users to switch over from Firefox, back when it was the most popular browser on the block.

Microsoft has confirmed that the upcoming Chromium-based Edge browser will also be able to run Chrome extensions.

Further, Windows will continue to support EdgeHTML/Chakra so current PWAs built for Windows won't break with the new browser engine. Alden notes that it's Microsoft's "intention to support existing Chrome extensions".

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Doing this will cause a bit of extra work for developers who now have to submit to both the Chrome and Microsoft stores, but it would also allows Microsoft's quality control to weed out the malicious extensions that we see all-too-often in Chrome.

And yes, the new Edge is coming to Xbox One.

"We don't plan to shim under those with a different engine".

Recently Microsoft announced that they will be rebuilding Microsoft Edge to be a Chromium based browser in order to provide greater compatibility and performance. "We're not ready to go into all the details yet but PWAs behaving like native apps is still an important principle for us so we'll be looking into the right system integrations to get that right", Alden added.

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