Published: Tue, December 11, 2018
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John Romero Celebrates Doom's 25th Anniversary With Nine New Levels

John Romero Celebrates Doom's 25th Anniversary With Nine New Levels

Even 25 years on, Doom holds a special place in many gamer's hearts, including co-creator John Romero - and he's celebrating the occasion by releasing an add-on pack, dubbed Sigil, which brings nine single-player levels which continue the game's story, such as it was, along with nine multiplayer-oriented levels.

SIGIL™ is a free megawad for the original 1993 DOOM® created by John Romero. The expansion will be available for free starting in mid-February 2019, and it'll be joined by a pair of limited edition fan boxes from Limited Run Games.

Picking up pretty much where the original Doom left off, Sigil is for all intents and purposes the fifth episode of Doom that we never got, in a huge megawad format.

The megawad will be free to download, but players will need a registered copy of the original DOOM from 1993 to play it.

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The physical versions of SIGIL will contain the full mod along with a big box to house it in, a 16 GB, floppy disk themed flash drive with the mod and some extras, a two-disc set with the mod and soundtrack by Buckethead (!) and some stickers.

The Beast Box comes with everything in the Standard Edition along with some other goodies, including a T-shirt, a coin, a statue of Romero's head on a pike, and an art print signed by artist Christopher Lovell. The same 16GB USB is included, but is joined by an upgraded two-disc booklet case that includes behind-the-scenes data on the original Doom, as well as Sigil's development. The Beast Box is limited to only two items per customer, however.

You can pre-order the deluxe editions from 15:00 EST today, until December 24, over on the Romero Games website.

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