Published: Sun, December 09, 2018
Health Care | By Cedric Leonard

Trust Flu Information Delivered By Health Professionals

Trust Flu Information Delivered By Health Professionals

Most health insurances are accepted, and a limited number of flu vaccine is available for those without health insurance. Who is at the highest risk for having complications from it?

"If you or someone you know is suffering from flu and they're lethargic or unable to think clearly, or unable to wake up from sleep and appear to be sleeping really, really deep and you can't wake them up, those are reasons to get them emergent care", says Howard. The American Academy of Pediatrics also cited that most childhood vaccines are 90-99% effective in preventing disease.

'Myth-busting' is closely tied to the first approach, except that it frequently involves exposing people to a piece of misinformation about the flu vaccine in an effort to discredit it. Explain why the flu is more serious and why vaccinations are crucial.

"Influenza may be familiar, but should never be overlooked or accepted as a minor problem", said Dr. Alexia Harrist, Wyoming state epidemiologist, in a news release this fall. Others, though a significantly smaller percentage, simply do not have time to get vaccinated, while others find the vaccine too expensive.

Determining how health professionals can most effectively combat influenza misinformation is a critically important question.

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Evidently, some of the main reasons why they do not want to get vaccinated include concerns over the side effects or the actual efficacy of the flu vaccine, while others are merely not anxious that they will catch the flu. Early signs are that this coming year might be dominated by the H1N1 strain, for which the flu vaccine tends to have higher effectiveness rates.

No appointments are needed to get a flu shot during these events, and shots will be provided to anyone aged six months or older who wishes to receive one.

Flu caused almost 80,000 deaths and more than 950,000 hospitalizations around the country last season, the highest numbers in decades, according to recently released data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

"In terms of flu seasons, the last one was very severe". Yet even though flu shots are readily available and affordable, many don't get one. And do it with confidence - the vaccine is safe, you can't get flu from the vaccine. How can vaccinations benefit them? The child was not vaccinated for the current flu season. How can you encourage them to get vaccinated? Although flu vaccines are not ideal, they are the best way to prevent getting the flu. "I also refer them to the Centers for Disease Control website,, which provides up to date information for healthcare providers and the public", said Mayer. Thirty-eight states, the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico experienced minimal flu activity for the week ending December 1, while New York City and 10 states experienced low or moderate activity, according to Friday's weekly flu report from the CDC.

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