Published: Sun, December 09, 2018
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Rudd suggests alternatives to May’s plan if Brexit deal defeated

Rudd suggests alternatives to May’s plan if Brexit deal defeated

The newspaper also said three ministers were considering resigning in opposition to her deal, without citing sources.

Colchester MP Will Quince hit out at the backstop plan to avoid a hard border with Ireland, saying it could result in the United Kingdom being "tied to the negotiating table for years, until we agree to anything in desperation" to get out of the situation.

Britain's embattled Prime Minister Theresa May has warned that a failure by lawmakers to back her Brexit deal risks leading to the entire venture being canceled.

She said: 'We had a people's vote, that's what frustrates me when people talk about this, the second referendum being a people's vote. We can have a withdrawal agreement that does not contain the backstop.

Defence minister Tobias Ellwood said he could back another vote if Mrs May faces a crushing defeat.

If the Brexit deal is rejected, ministers have 21 days to state how they intend to proceed.

The Prime Minister warned Tory MPs they risk handing Jeremy Corbyn the keys to Number 10 unless they back her Brexit deal.

"If people asked me, then of course you'd give it serious thought and do it - if people asked me", she told Sky's Ridge on Sunday programme.

"Do not underestimate how much I care about this because this is fundamental to our country and it absolutely breaks my heart to think that -after all that we fought for, all that we campaigned for, all that (Brexit Secretary) Steve Barclay campaigned for, everybody believes in - we should consign ourselves to a future in which the European Union effectively rules us in many respects and yet we have no say round the table in Brussels".

Trump EPA acts to roll back control on climate-changing coal
It's unclear whether the new policy boost will overcome market forces that are making US coal plants ever more unprofitable. In place of Obama-era standards, Wheeler pledged to promulgate "high but achievable standards that are rooted in reality".

Although being in the single market would require maintaining freedom of movement of European Union citizens into Britain - a contentious issue for May and many pro-Brexit voters - this approach is considered more likely to command a majority in parliament and potentially pass a second vote.

"There is no question of her going", Rudd told the BBC.

He told the Daily Telegraph: "I believe that if the response is, "we've lost but we will do this all over again", it will become a leadership issue".

"If we go into government straight away we would start negotiating straight away".

Mrs May has repeatedly said she would not back another vote.

"There is a risk that the party will split and can not continue in its current form", he told Sky News.

Elsewhere in the capital, the pro-EU Best for Britain and second referendum campaign the People's Vote will hold a rally featuring politicians including Lord Heseltine and celebrities such as actors Charles Dance and Jason Isaacs.

A "Brexit betrayal" march featuring controversial activist Tommy Robinson and counter-protests by anti-fascist groups are planned.

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