Published: Sun, December 09, 2018
Global News | By Blake Casey

Israel locates third 'Hezbollah' tunnel crossing from Lebanon

Israel locates third 'Hezbollah' tunnel crossing from Lebanon

On Friday, an Israeli cabinet minister said Israel was prepared to take action in Lebanon against the cross-border tunnels if it deemed it necessary.

Simmering tensions between Tel Aviv and the Lebanon-based militant and political organisation escalated last week after Israeli troops launched operation "Northern Shield", aimed at destroying suspected Hezbollah tunnels used to funnel militants and arms through the Israel-Lebanon border.

The army said it believed the three attempted to use the cover of stormy weather to approach the Israeli forces.

The announcement of the new find came after Israeli soldiers on Saturday opened fire at what they perceived to be three "Hezbollah activists" approaching the border near Yiftah, south of Metula, where the army was carrying out engineering work.

"We'll continue to act till its completion", he said in a statement.

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Peresvet, new laser weapons systems, in Russia's military
Until then, Pompeo said, the United States would not "test or produce or deploy any systems" that would breach the treaty. On Tuesday, the Western military alliance formally accused Russian Federation of breaking the treaty.

Hebrew news site Walla quotes the official Lebanese news service as saying, "The soldiers of the Zionist enemy fired in the air after they were surprised by a routine patrol by the Lebanese army on Lebanese territory, because of the heavy fog".

Speaking with foreign diplomats in Israel on Thursday, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said he expected the UN's security council to convene on the tunnels.

Also Saturday, the Kremlin said Netanyahu called Russian President Vladimir Putin to tell him about the tunnel operation.

Despite not having its exact location, he said Israel asked UNIFIL, the United Nations mission monitoring the border region, to "take action and block the tunnel on the Lebanese side".

The relationship between Russia and Israel has been strained since September, when Russia accused Israel of indirectly causing the downing of a Russian military jet by Syrian air defenses following an Israeli airstrike nearby. The Lebanon terror organization had planned to infiltrate hundred of terrorists into northern Israeli towns and communities, and murder as many civilians as they could at the start of the impending war with Israel.

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