Published: Sat, December 08, 2018
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Bill Cosby Blamed For "Baby It's Cold Outside" Radio Ban

Bill Cosby Blamed For

Glenn Anderson, one of the hosts of the OH radio station WDOK, which first chose to ban the song, described the song as "very manipulative and wrong". "Ever since Cosby was accused of drugging women, I hear the date rape thing all the time" in reference to the song. I would get annoyed because it's a song my father wrote for him and my mother to sing at parties.

"This song is not about an abuse of power, it is about flirtation and that is how flirtation was in those days", Susan said, adding that she doesn't want the song connected to the #MeToo movement.

"Not me. So, we just have to agree to disagree", King responded. "I think we have to look at that".

"I know I'm gonna get hammered for this", she predicted, "so let's just move along, please".

"I don't usually agree with you Gayle King but, you hit the nail on the head this morning".

According to our partners at WISC-TV, Mid-West Family Broadcasting Program Director Fletcher Keyes said he took all versions of "Baby It's Cold Outside" out of rotation on Hank AM 1550 and 97.7 FM Monday. Part of growing up is learning how to NOT be offended by everything.

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The fate of "Baby, It's Cold Outside" and its radio play is still up in the air.

"I completely agree on your comment about 'Baby It's Cold Outside", shared a user.

After WDOK pulled the song, stations in Cleveland and Colorado also followed suit, sparking a backlash by listeners on social media.

They've banned the song "Baby, It's Cold Outside" after the rise of the Me Too movement. A poll on the WDOK Facebook page Wednesday showed overwhelming support to bring the song back.

'People used to say, 'What's in this drink?' as a joke, ' Loesser explained. Though some say it eerily relates to Bill Cosby drugging women's drinks, Susan Loesser said the time frame of the song's text is more geared for those in the 1940's and 50's.

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