Published: Thu, December 06, 2018
Electronics | By Kelly Massey

Apple Is Now Selling Clear $39 iPhone Xr Cases

Apple Is Now Selling Clear $39 iPhone Xr Cases

Apple is pulling out all the stops as it scrambles to prop up sputtering sales of its new iPhone XR.

That's despite the fact that the XR hit the market just five weeks ago, and its retail markup of $749 makes it by far the cheapest of this year's stratospherically priced iPhone lineup - $250 less than the next cheapest model.

Apple is finally selling its long-awaited iPhone Xr clear case at Apple Stores worldwide, as well as online, after its original availability was scheduled for October.

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Apple has announced an offer for the iPhone XR, under which customers can purchase the latest "affordable" smartphone at a reduced price of $449, provided they trade-in an iPhone 7 Plus towards the purchase.

If you are an iPhone user and your battery drains out way faster than the usual rate after using for more than one year, here's your last chance to fix it at a discounted price - Apple's battery replacement programme at $29 (around Rs 2000) is set to end on December 31. (*See the company's website for more details on this limited-time offer). If you're willing to wait in order to save on shipment, Apple estimates you'll receive your case on Monday, December 10th. While Apple recently refuted these reports, claiming that the XR has been the best-selling iPhone ever since it launched. In the abstract slogan's place, Apple now lists several major features, including its "All-screen design. Fastest Performance. Studio-quality photos" to describe the mid-range iPhone XR. This effectively lowers the price of a new iPhone ... without Apple having to go through the embarrassment of actually lowering the price.

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