Published: Wed, December 05, 2018
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Pokémon GO Game Reveals Trainer Battle System

Pokémon GO Game Reveals Trainer Battle System

There's a new Ace Trainer medal to go along with the new feature as well, but Niantic didn't explain how to gain access to the medal. Unlike iconic battles with other Pokemon trainers in the classic Gameboy-era and beyond Pokemon games, these trainer battles will not be turn-based. Though they're finally coming to Pokemon GO, they're going to be a bit different from what seasoned Pokemon veterans are used to when they arrive.

Earlier today, Pokemon Go released full details about its upcoming Trainer Battle feature, a new addition to the game that will let players battle others in 3 v 3 Pokemon battles.

Most of the time, you'll have to be within a certain range of another player to challenge them to a battle, but you can initiate Trainer Battles with your Ultra Friends and Best Friends from any distance. While the system is made to battle other players, Pokemon Go is also adding an AI system to allow players to challenge the game's three team leaders in training battles. Before the match, you will have a chance to use Stardust and Candy to unlock a bonus Charged Attack for your Pokemon. Both victor and loser get rewards, and each one has the same chance to get a particularly rare item: a Sinnoh Stone, which is used for evolving certain Gen 4 Pokemon. Trainer Battles will have three leagues: the Great League will have a maximum of 1,500 CP per Pokémon, the Ultra League will have a maximum of 2,500 CP per Pokémon, and the Master League will have no CP limit. Your Pokemon team will be able to perform their Fast and Charged Attack moves. There is said to still be a level of strategy with this system since your timing could allow you to "deploy a Protect Shield to save your Pokémon from critical damage". While there's no limit to the number of battles per day, you're limited to three rewards per day when battling real people and one reward per day from the NPC battles.

Pokemon GO

There are no level limitations in order to start a battle.

Pokemon GO looks as though it will make battles enjoyable for everyone, even if you're a casual player rocking a team of sub-500 CP bug Pokemon.

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