Published: Wed, December 05, 2018
Electronics | By Kelly Massey

Make your presentations more inclusive with Live Captions & Subtitles in PowerPoint

Make your presentations more inclusive with Live Captions & Subtitles in PowerPoint

In the coming weeks, Skype announced, the video-calling platform will be getting support for translation in over 20 languages and dialects.

Microsoft is not the only company working toward inclusivity for deaf and hard of hearing individuals.

Skype is rolling out a new feature today in recognition of United Nations International Day of Persons with Disabilities. When Skype users communicate with each other, there will be captions and subtitles on the bottom of the screen which will be auto-scrolled, but Microsoft promises that there will be additional viewing options in the future.

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As of now, the captions and subtitles will automatically scroll in the call. In their present form, the captions and subtitles are created to automatically scroll during the call, but users will soon have other viewing options, according to Microsoft. These features are not only created to warm the video-calling app back into the hearts of users, they will also add values to Skype in the face of stiff competition from the likes of WhatsApp and Messenger. The goal is to offer an alternative means of following a spoken PowerPoint presentation or participating in a Skype audio or video call.

Microsoft explained that the new AI-powered live captions and subtitles have been optimized to be "fast, continuous, and contextually update as people speak". The captions and subtitles will be accessible for Office 365 subscribers using PowerPoint on Windows 10, PowerPoint for Mac, and PowerPoint Online. Using it is as simple as live captions, too - just turn them on through a simple toggle. To turn off, click on Turn subtitles off.

In order to enable the feature in Skype, viewers must go into Skype's settings during a call and select the "more" button (it's a + sign) and then "turn subtitles on".

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