Published: Wed, December 05, 2018
Electronics | By Kelly Massey

Epic Games is starting a store to rival Steam

Epic Games is starting a store to rival Steam

For that goal, the first move is a flat 12% royalty for Epic on games sold through its storefront, a percentage that seriously undercuts Steam's usual 30% take. The 10,000-strong Epic Games Support-A-Creator program helps you reach creators, so they can help you reach players.

Of course, the Epic Games store is being aimed entirely at gamers. To jumpstart the economy, Epic Games will cover the first 5% of creator revenue-sharing for the first 24 months of the service. However, the number of games on offer, at least initially, will be much lower. Speaking to Variety, Epic boss Tim Sweeny confirmed that Unreal Tournament 4 was no longer in active development.

"Because of the high volume of Fortnite transactions, we can process store payments, serve bandwidth, and support customers very efficiently", Epic Games said. Naturally, the response from smaller developers was less than enthusiastic.

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The aim of the tweaks to the Steam commission structure is to provide a bigger incentive for the big games companies to stick with the platform, rather than set-up their own.

The text reads, "Thursday during #TheGameAwards don't miss a @fortnitegame announcement and world premiere from Epic's @DonaldMustard, streaming live at 9 PM ET / 6 PM PT everywhere". The company says it'll add more games and open the Store on Android and "other open platforms" after the initial launch. In that discussion, they aren't ready to discuss how developers get on the store and still working on setting that up for the future, but they did share a bit more on releasing a title. It will mostly focus on the technical side of things and general quality. In a particularly nice sentiment, Sweeney hopes that the competition between storefronts will benefit and bring better deals to developers. That would give Epic Games even more room to grow on other platforms, but the same would be true for Steam and other app stores, too.

If snowboarding seems like a fun new game mechanic wait until you see what is hidden behind the snowboarder. But we now know that isn't going to be the case. The first is that whatever the premiere concerns, you may be able to check it out right away after the reveal in-game.

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