Published: Tue, December 04, 2018
Markets | By Otis Pena

Amazon Wants to Bring its Cashierless Tech to Bigger Stores

Amazon Wants to Bring its Cashierless Tech to Bigger Stores

Amazon's cashierless brick and mortar stores are posing another challenge to traditional retailers.

The e-commerce giant is testing the system in Seattle, in a larger space laid out like a big store, The Wall Street Journal reported over the weekend, citing unnamed sources.

Amazon Go, Amazon's store where you can pick your items and automatically check out, is operating locations in Chicago, Seattle, and San Francisco.

The technology uses a mix of computer vision, sensor fusion and deep learning to register what you're buying, then charges your Amazon account when you leave. Amazon may have a tough time persuading warier customers who would rather talk to a cashier than launch an app, even if they know it would take considerably longer.

It is unclear whether Amazon intends to use the technology for Whole Foods, although that is the most likely application if executives can make it work, according to the people.

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There are nearly 500 Whole Foods in the USA, although the chain does also have a small United Kingdom presence, with seven stores, all of which are in London. It also has lowered prices for Amazon's Prime members.

Amazon also has continued to improve the technology inside the Amazon Go stores that first opened to the public earlier this year. It is not known where or when it will be opening its first United Kingdom cashierless store. Video cameras and other devices track customers as a three-dimensional object throughout the store, charging them for what they take.

Fresh produce, fruits, and vegetables that are often sold be weight are just some of the items that could be hard to accurately track.

Amazon Go stores are created to let you shop without a wallet or having to stand in checkout lines.

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