Published: Mon, December 03, 2018
Electronics | By Kelly Massey

Nvidia unveils beastly Titan RTX card you probably can't afford

Nvidia unveils beastly Titan RTX card you probably can't afford

The Titan RTX graphics card will be available in both the USA and Europe later this month for $2,499.

The Titan RTX delivers high-end performance for demanding applications with 576 multi-precision Turing Tensor Cores for deep learning performance, 72 Turing RT cores for ray-tracing performance and 24 gigabytes of high-speed GDDR6 memory, double the memory of last-generation Titan GPUs. Pairing two Titan RTX cards via NVLink will scale both memory and compute performance.

In essence, it's a 2080 Ti on steroids. This new chip is the full-fat version of the RTX 2080 Ti, with 4,608 CUDA cores, 12GB of memory clocked at 14Gbps, and a 384-bit memory interface instead of the RTX 2080 Ti's 352-bit interface.

Following a rash of strategic "leaks" by social media influencers, NVIDIA on Monday formally introduced its Titan RTX graphics card, a heavy-hitting accelerator that the company is appropriately billing as "the world's most powerful desktop GPU". This matches the RTX 6000, which also has a 24GB RAM buffer.

NVIDIA officially unveils its flagship Titan RTX GPU

The flagship GPU takes aim at AI researchers and data scientists, rather than gamers; Nvidia claims the card "transforms the PC into a supercomputer" allowing faster training and inference of neural networks and enables researchers to experiment with larger neural networks and data sets.

Nvidia teased the GPU through "accidental" reveals on Instagram and a streamer's account before revealing it officially. The justification that everyone should embrace higher prices because of the unbelievable potential of ray tracing in games hasn't fallen on particularly fertile ground, either - especially given that RTX carries approximately a 60 percent performance penalty.

The Titan RTX, dubbed fondly by Nvidia as "T-Rex", is based on the same Turing architecture as the firm's RTX 2070, 2080 and bork-prone 2080 Ti GPUs, equipping it with 130 teraflops of deep learning performance and 11 GigaRays of ray-tracing performance.

On Saturday, some early "leaks" hinted that Titan RTX would be announced soon. That's the biggest advantage a Titan card has ever held over a Ti. It also has 24GB of VRAM compared to the 2080 Ti's oh-so-measly 11GB.

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