Published: Sun, December 02, 2018
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Amazon Web Services reveals a managed Kafka service for streaming data

Amazon Web Services reveals a managed Kafka service for streaming data

While AWS has been working closely with VMWare since 2016 - offfering customers the VMware Cloud on AWS option - and VMware was present at last year's re:Invent conference with a booth in the expo hall, as well as sessions, there was no talk about the collaboration in keynote presentations.

Jassy didn't actually utter the words "hybrid cloud", but it sure sounds like that's what he's describing.

With Outposts, customers can now put AWS into their own datacenters using the AWS hardware.

Outposts will be sold on an opex basis, so they'll also match the procurement experience of the full AWS cloud.

AWS Security Hub is created to provide users with a comprehensive view of their high-priority security alerts and compliance status by aggregating, organizing, and prioritizing alerts, or findings, from multiple AWS services, such as Amazon GuardDuty, Amazon Inspector, and Amazon Macie as well as security solutions from the AWS Partner Network (APN). In 2017, AWS collaborated with VMware to introduce VMware Cloud on AWS, giving the vast majority of companies who are virtualized on VMware the ability to use the same on-premises VMware tools that they had been using for years to manage their infrastructure on AWS.

VMware Cloud on AWS allows customers to use the same VMware control panel and APIs they've been using to run their infrastructure.

It's QLDB removes the need to build complex audit functionality into a relational database or rely on the ledger capabilities of a blockchain framework.

Amazon Unveils 'Immutable' Quantum Ledger Database Product

It is said that the new platform is a brand aspect of Amazon Web Services, a cloud unit of Amazon.

Announced at AWS re:Invent 2018, AWS Outposts is created to bring AWS cloud hardware on-premises customer's own data centers. She envisions combining an AWS Outposts with AWS Snowball deployments on edge machines in rural communities to improve the university's reach across Alberta.

Unlike existing blockchain technologies that require custom development to extract blockchain network activity data, Amazon Managed Blockchain makes it easy to replicate transactions to Amazon QLDB.

According to CNBC, AWS CEO Andy Jassy said the company doesn't "build things for optics", and that "this is something that a lot of companies need". VMware Cloud on AWS Outposts will support virtual machine-, container-, and Kubernetes-based applications across the hybrid cloud.

VMware earlier this month announced VMware Cloud on AWS, which tied together VMware's enterprise class software-defined data centre to the AWS cloud. As AWS is famously customer-centric, we'll take him at his word.

AWS Control Tower, AWS Security Hub, and AWS Lake Formation extend this approach to a wider array of workloads and scenarios, giving customers abstracted services to help with provisioning and governance, monitoring security and compliance, and building and managing data lakes. The new offering include configurable compute, racks, storage and will be fully managed.

Greenhouse Gas Discharge Gap Extensive Than Ever
What this instills is that, governments and countries will have to triple their effort to keep the warming under 2C. However, at this point in time they are insufficient to meet the scientific advice.

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