Published: Thu, November 15, 2018
Sport | By Kayla Schwartz

FA to cut foreign players in EPL

FA to cut foreign players in EPL

The Daily Mail reported earlier that Buck had asked the 20 Premier League clubs to each contribute £250,000 each to give Scudamore a £5million send-off as thanks for his work in repeatedly negotiating mega broadcasting deals.

This scenario would be a nightmare for the FA and Premier League clubs.

With the clock ticking on Britain's departure from the EU, Premier League sides face a potential cliff-edge if they can not strike a deal with the FA.

It comes as the FA seeks an agreement with England's top tier to agree a deal which would avoid a scenario in which all European Union players would have to fulfil the same tough criteria to get a work permit as current non-EU overseas stars.

The English Football Association (FA) is now planning to cut down the number of overseas players in the Premier League in order to deal with Brexit and boost the number of homegrown players.

In turn, that huge influx of cash has allowed clubs to spend millions on buying star players and paying them eye-watering wages. League chiefs are believed to want work permits granted to all players - regardless of current rules that use the number of worldwide caps, the Federation Internationale de Football Association ranking of the player's national team, the transfer fee and wages to help determine who should be allowed in.

Now clubs can have up to 17 overseas players in their squads.

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Wolves have been asked to provide a share of the £5m gift, in the shape of £250,000, along with every other team now based in the English top flight.

The proposal is likely to be put in front of the clubs this week and it would mean major changes in many sides.

And reducing that number by five would have now impact 13 clubs.

Of the current Premier League teams, 13 consist of a strong core of foreign players, with more than a dozen in each of these teams' first team squads.

Manchester City, Chelsea and the rest of the Premier League clubs will reportedly be given the full details of the plans at a meeting on Thursday.

Look at the starting lineups for Arsenal and Chelsea over the weekend: combined they had 1 English player who started, plus Arsenal had two more players who would count as homegrown talents in Hector Bellerin and Alex Iwobi. A player whose nation is ranked in the top 10 is only required to have featured in 30% of games over the past two years, while those ranked outside the top 30 must have played in 75%. A player needs to get four points.

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