Published: Wed, November 14, 2018
Global News | By Blake Casey

Pellegrini's Reopens; Sisto Malaspina to Receive State Funeral

Pellegrini's Reopens; Sisto Malaspina to Receive State Funeral

Ms Wright said while the cafe didn't expect others to follow suit, it would be a nice gesture for more Perth cafes to show their support of Pellegrinis.

Mr Malaspina had co-owned Pellegrini's since 1974 and both the man with a "flamboyant personality" and venue became Melbourne icons.

Mr Malaspina, 74, was bludgeoned to death by terrorist Hassan Khalif Shire Ali who went on a stabbing frenzy in the city after setting a auto on fire with gas bottles inside.

He was shot by an officer and later died in hospital. "To us he was just a attractive man, a loving husband and a doting father", the family said in a statement.

"The WA Police work very closely with our Federal, State and Territory colleagues across the intelligence, national security and police".

Melbourne City Council is also looking at renaming the adjacent laneway to Pellegrini's in honour of Sisto Malaspina.

Mr Malaspina's family has today accepted an offer by Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews for a State funeral which is expected to be held next week. We are deeply moved by all the flowers, gifts and condolences.

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"Until then, our love and thoughts remain with Sisto's family".

"To the people of Melbourne, your heartfelt tributes have shown us why our Dad loved this great city so much".

At the shrine, across the river from the scene of the Bourke Street attack, an unobtrusive but increased police presence guarded a crowd of about 4,000.

"He was actually talking about going back to work tonight [last night], and I told him not to".

"If they know somebody within the family unit, within the workplace, that they see a change in behaviour that they believe may be radicalised or about to act out, we need that information".

"As I say, the police and ASIO have been clear about this for a long time - you have a soft target, that is where you have a place of mass gathering, a mall, or a food court or somewhere else, you have somebody, as we've seen overseas with a vehicle, with a knife, an explosive device otherwise, it is very hard to deal with every one of those situations".

Staff said they were looking forward to opening the restaurant doors tomorrow "and providing Melburnians with the opportunity to remember our friend and colleague in a place that he loved and they love". "Pellegrini's was your life".

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