Published: Sun, November 11, 2018
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Dubai police begin training on flying motorbikes

Dubai police begin training on flying motorbikes

Criminals in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, already have to contend with the police force's supercars, but they will soon have to keep an eye on the skies as well.

The flying motorbike is back in Dubai, and you could see the police riding one in the not-too-distant future.A year after California-based startup Hoversurf showcased its hoverbike at tech expo GITEX in the white and green livery of the Dubai police, the company has returned with a new model and evidence its electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) vehicle might be, well, taking off.

The oil-rich Middle Eastern nation's police force already has an impressive vehicle fleet in its arsenal, with Ferraris and Lamborghinis among its cop cars.

Featuring three-bladed propellers it can fly at 60mph up to 16 feet above the ground.

And it looks like he is following through on his claims as a video surfaced online last month of a Dubai police officer receiving training for on the craft.

"Currently we have two crews already training and we're increasing the number", said Khalid Nasser Alrazooqi of Dubai Police.

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The 253-pound, battery-powered bike can fly for up to 40 minutes in its "drone mode" before it will need recharging.

'Both Hoversurf and Dubai Police understand that this is just the begging to something much larger. "If they would like 30 or 40, we'll make it happen for them".

Hoversurf chief operating officer Joseph Segura-Conn explained that ideal candidates hoping to learn how to ride the futuristic vehicle will be able to ride a motorcycle and have drone operating experience.

The craft are now limited by existing battery technology, which significantly restricts their flight time.

Hoversurf is now considering three countries as it decides where to open its manufacturing site for the S3, one of which is Dubai. With a price tag of $150,000 each, hoverbikes don't require a pilot's license to fly. However, the Hoverbike S3 is so risky that buyers have to be assessed to make sure they can handle it.

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