Published: Sun, November 11, 2018
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Britain's armed forces making contingency plans for 'no deal' Brexit - defence officials

Britain's armed forces making contingency plans for 'no deal' Brexit - defence officials

Jo Johnson, who campaigned for Remain, said his brother, Boris, the prominent pro-Brexit campaigner and former foreign secretary who resigned several months ago, was "as unhappy with the government's proposals as I am". His resignation raises fears that other Remainers will follow suit or be emboldened to vote down a deal.

He's not the first, nor the best-known minister to resign over Brexit.

"We've been hurtling towards a blindfolded Brexit for too long, so it's about time that politicians hand back control to the people of this country by giving them the final say on Brexit - with the option to stay and lead in Europe".

Brexit-backing Commons Leader Andrea Leadsom, addressing the Irish border backstop plan, said the United Kingdom "cannot be held against its will" in a customs arrangement with the European Union and claimed MPs would not support a scenario in which the United Kingdom could not decide when to leave.

Rachel said other ministers might now question whether they can "in good conscience" take the country into "no-deal or into vassalage", stating that this is a "real moment for Parliamentarians".

A Downing Street spokesman said: "The referendum in 2016 was the biggest democratic exercise in this country's history".

"The "new" idea of a United Kingdom customs arrangement does not appear to be a genuinely UK-wide offer but a GB offer and an NI offer badged as one - Northern Ireland in THE EU customs territory and GB in A customs union".

U.S. key swing state Florida to recount votes in 3 races
Snipes speaks to the media about a plan to mail replacement ballots to voters in October 28, 2004, in Fort Lauderdale, Florida . Trump was not amused by the development, tweeting from France: "Trying to STEAL two big elections in Florida! ".

"It has become increasingly clear to me that the withdrawal agreement, which is being finalised in Brussels and Whitehall even as I write, will be a awful mistake", said Johnson, who was a transport minister in the government.

In his resignation statement, Johnson said the mooted deal would leave Britain "economically weakened, with no say in the European Union rules it must follow and years of uncertainty for business".

The resignation is not just significant for the government's immediate plans, but also is yet another vote in parliament that could reject the Brexit plan, leaving the whole project in a crisis without any clear resolution.

"The destination is constitutional crisis, where legislature will be in irreconcilable conflict with executive, Commons at odds with PM and her cabinet", Peston said in a post on Facebook.

She said: "Huge respect for Jo Johnson".

Mr Johnson voted to remain in the 2016 EU Referendum and is now backing the campaign for a People's Vote.

Many politicians are unhappy with her compromise plans to maintain the free trade of goods with the European Union, which they say will leave Britain subject to decisions in Brussels without any input.

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